About a year ago I came across Nooma, a series of short films featuring the teachings of Rob Bell, Teaching Pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church. Each short film focuses on an issue that touches everyone and is presented in a way that is both understandable and moving even for the "unchurched."

On the artistic level, it can't get better. The cinematography, editing, and music is great. Coming from cultural creatives these films feel more like the movie Garden State than anything you might find on TBN or CBN. The messages amount to short, biblical, talks. It is as if Rob is sharing something with you as you walk through town or sit in the living room. It feels real. Not canned. Clocking in at around 11 minutes they can be used as a part of worship, small group and could even be sent home with someone needing to hear a particular message.

If you aren't familiar with this ministry, check out the website