Bearing and Being

If no one preaches the Gospel how can anyone be saved? In some circles the problem is in the verbal preaching. Bad doctrine, or a bad approach can do some damage. In other circles where the verbal mission is emphasized we can wind up with a problem in a different kind of preaching. I'm reading a book with a friend at church and this comes up in a recent chapter.

Now we know that the reality is that we must both bear and be the message. But I believe we have the proclamation aspect down quite well. Too well. That the Kingdom is meant to be embodied, that we are to be the message - that is what we must be reminded of with great regularity. I would even go so far to say that the message of Christ would go out more effectively if we would be willing to keep out mouths shut for a while and learn how to love. Timothy Keel, The Relevant Church (pg. 70)