Spiritually Disciplined Lives

I always look forward to our shared meals and communion. Today was one of those Sundays. This morning we looked at Jesus' words concerning giving, praying and fasting as central elements to a "spiritually disciplined life." This is different than "spiritual disciplines" because that can amount to a compartmentalization of our lives. Some of our works (we think) are spiritual, while others are secular. This leads many to view their lives as spiritually empty. Most of the hours, days, weeks - the vast majority of our time on this planet is lived as though it is unspiritual. But following Jesus, the faith he calls for, the yoke he invites us to wear is holistic - encompassing all of our lives. And giving, praying and fasting are the expressions of Christian faith, the religion that James admires.

I know some of you missed the service, meal and comunion today. We missed you too and hope to see you next week!