For The Weekend

Three things for the weekend. Try 'em. Refreshment, Enlightenment and Entertainment

Horchata I am surprised how many people eat Mexican food don't know what horchata is. It's usually there on the menu. Horchata is a cool, refreshing drink for summer made with rice, sugar and cinnamon. Like a sweet milk. There are a hundred variations of the recipe on the web, but start by stopping in at your favorite Mexican restaurant and order a glass. I love it.

Directions For Hating Sin Richard Baxter's words on overcoming sin in our personal lives. Some very good stuff. The link has a PDF and Word format of this as well. Print it, sit down and read it.

Primer If you don't like head-trippy movies that make you think and raise moral dilemmas, pass on this one. This indie flick made for $8,000 is great. Watch the trailer, don't read up on the story. Rent it, sit down and watch it.