Cinderella Man

What do you do when you loose the one thing you're good at? Do you change when the money is gone and you are struggling to feed your children? Do your values slip away under severe conditions? Where do you find your strength? Why do you work? How and why do people find hope in others? Let me just say, Cinderella Man is a great movie touching on all of these questions and more. I know, you may not be a Russle Crowe fan. He likes to hit people, and that's not very nice. (Regardless, I'd put him among the five best male actors alive today.) But give this movie a chance to entertain and encourage you. The movie is based on history, so there aren't any real surprises here. But just in case you don't know, I wont give anything away. The story centers around Jim Braddock, a washed up boxer, and his family during the great depression. In the movie we see how New Jersey suffered through this time, how the community pulled together, and was torn apart, all of which becomes the backdrop of Braddock's struggle inside out outside of his own home.

(Also worth your time is Crowe's earlier dramatic film, The Insider. This guy has range.)