Convention or Conversation

Part of the value of the SBC is the conversation and developing relationships that happen while we're here. We've had the chance to meet people previously only known online like Marty Duren, Daniel Randle, Travis Hilton, and we are still trying to meet up with others. Marty is fast becoming a good friend. We met great guys from Lifeway like Chris Turner, Russ Rankin, David Hassell and others. Very cool people. It seems like a lot of people are familiar with our blogs and that has been pretty fun. We've seen old friends/aquaintences from our Seminary days (even Al Mohler, who doesn't remember me at all LOL). Is the Convention useful to the younger leaders and churches? If we really value conversation and relationships like we say, can't the SBC be one of the places for those things? Isn't this a place where we can disuss, maybe even discover, what it means to be missional and incarnational. I'm just writing out loud here, but what we've found so far is that there are opportunities to dialogue and develop meaningful relationships. Tonight we're hoping to meet up with some friends for more.