Don't Touch Me

Today was a lot of talking. I'll just mention a few of our encounters. Steve, Marty and I have been brainstorming and planning for the future - things we would like to see happen. We also had the opportunity to grab lunch with Chris Turner of Lifeway. He's a solid guy doing great work for one of the SBC's most important entities. Later we met up with Darrin Patrick, pastor of The Journey in Clayton, MO, and Daniel Montgomerry and Mike Cosper, pastors of Sojourn Community in Louisville, KY. These are good guys doing biblical/incarnational ministry in their different cities. They gave us feedback concerning the questions we have for ministry in Illinois and showed real interest. We went to seminary with Daniel so it was good to catch up. Tonight Steve and I were blessed to talk with Chris Seay pastor of Ecclesia again. Chris is a guy who loves Jesus and people. He's humble but passionate - not something common among many "succesful" pastors. Talking with guys like this who are modeling biblical and effective ministry in contexts different from our own is encouraging and helpful. Just a few minutes ago we got on the elevator to come up to our room and an old man introduced himself to us. He quickly commented on my bald head and began rubbing away. He rubbed my bald head like he was polishing a bowling ball for at least floors 3 through 9. Laughing and rubbing, laughing and rubbing. Everyone on the way up looked a little surprised that he was not only touching me, but having a great time doing it. Steve literally collapsed to the floor in laughter after we exited. It was hilarious.

I miss my family, and when I take time to pray for them, call home, or look at their pictures it hurts. It's not fun being away even for a week. But God has been doing a lot here and for this I am grateful. A very good day. The Convention begins tomorrow, and a guy from Lifeway is hooking us up with a place to blog from.