Now What?

The Convention is over, and I wanted to wrap it all up on a positive note. I know some younger leaders and churches are skeptical of the SBC. Is it irrelevant to us? Perhaps even resistant to what we are all about? I also understand that some of the established leadership and churches are skeptical of younger leaders and churches. Have we abandoned theology and tradition for the sake of being innovative? Let me tell you what I found at the Convention this year. It is hard to remember all of the people within the machine that is the SBC who told us they are excited about what's happening. From the blogs, to the summit, to our models of church plants, to our ideas for the future, many in the SBC and our institutions are with us and want to help. I think we were all surprised at the positive response we received.

Concerning the younger leaders and churches; everyone one of them we sat down with to talk to emphasized their belief in and love for TRUTH. They desire to be biblical, and are serious about theology. What sets them apart from some is a twenty-first century incarnation of the Gospel versus a mid twentieth century incarnation (more to come on missional/incarnational later).

This does not mean we can all just come together at the crossroads, hold hands, sing "Blessed Be The Tie That Binds," and pretend our differences don't matter. Some of them don’t, but many of them do. There is a lot of work to be done. We need to be writing for publication, participating in the SBC, and always most importantly - laboring in the local church to truly be a missional people. These are some of the things we will be doing (and blogging about) this year.