John Elway in the John

So I ran into John Elway tonight. Jen and I were eating at Chili's and half way through our meal our server tells us "John Elway is here." After five minutes of deliberation Jen and I agreed that John Elway was a sports star, and we were pretty sure he was a Superbowl quarterback. We had to ask our server what team he played on. Yeah, I'm a big fan. ;) I figured Steve would love to have his autograph, since he really is a sports fan, so we hung out as long as possible waiting for him to finish his meal. I thought it would be rude to ask him for an autograph in the middle of his salad. After a while it was time for us to go, but he was still eating. It worked out that I saw him walking to the bathroom. So I grabbed my day planner and followed him in there. I didn't realize stalking a celebrity into the bathroom and making small-talk at the urinal would be even more rude than interupting dinner. Sorry John.

After hands were washed he graciously signed an autograph. It says, "To Steve [then something illegible] John Elway 7."

So, I wound up feeling like a real idiot to get my buddy an autograph. This was worse than the head rubbing incident.