Wet and Wandering

Jim Elliff is again pointing out one of our biggest problems in the SBC. Over 60% of our baptized members are unaccounted for on Sunday mornings. In other words, we boast 16 million members in our convention, but can only find 6 million. Is it bad ecclesiology? Yes. Is it faulty evangelism? Yep. Is it really filling our membership rolls with unregenerate men, women, boys and girls? Without a doubt. I can't help but think our current President's campaign to get 1 million baptized in a year will only make our problem worse. Maybe we should call it One Million More Wet and Wandering. Hmmm. I might make a bumper sticker. Anyway, check out Elliff's article in BP. It stings, is true, and should motivate more dialogue which will hopefully lead to change.