Ladies Night

It looked like "Ladies Night" at Theology Pub this week. Although we advertise this monthly event in our Grace magazine, many assumed it was only for men. But in truth it is for adults (men and women) who want to hang out, have fun, and talk theology. Word got out and we were evenly divided this month between men and women. Some of the regulars were missing, but we had a great time eating Shamrock Wings (yeah baby!) while beginning a dialogue about the covenants of God. We looked closely at a good definition of "covenant" by O. Palmer Robertson, discussed the nature of these covenants, their place in the history of redemption, and how this study is relevant to us. Understanding the covenants is not a throwback to medieval, religious scholasticism which often sought to understand theological minutiae. The covenants reveal the character of God, his plan of salvation and the goal of history. At evey point in history humanity's relationship with God has been covenantal. This is true today even of those who do not know Jesus. Therefore, the study of the covenants is important and practical. I wont lay out all of the arguments here, you'll just have to come to Theology Pub to join in the conversation. Next month we begin to look closely at the covenants themselves. If you want to read along side our discussion, a good place to start is O. Palmer Robertson's The Christ of the Covenants.