Born Into Brothels

“I worry that I might become like them.” These are the words of a little girl growing up surrounded by prostitution, and wondering about her future.

Born Into Brothels is about the children of prostitutes in Calcutta, India and the hope of their redemption. These are normal, beautiful children who laugh, play and yet are fearful of the life that awaits them. Chances are they will become what their mothers and aunts are. Some are even sold by their parents. It’s a hard documentary to watch. The children live in poverty, anticipate a life of horror, and yet they still hope for a better future even if it seems out of their grasp. One little girl said, “I keep thinking if I could go someplace else, and get an education I wonder what I could become.”

Photographer Zana Briski and director Ross Kaufman film their relationship with these children and how photography becomes a potential means of escape from the red light district. The children are interested in cameras and photography, so Zana put together a workshop, handed out equipment, taught the children basic composition, light and shadow, etc., and encouraged them to show others how they see the world. The pictures are fantastic and through the efforts of Zana and Ross the world begins to take note. This gives birth to the organization, Kids with Cameras.

I wont say any more than it is worth watching. This is a movie for adults since the language is, at times, very rough.