Hobbits and Country Music

I know. I get it. I'm short. I have always been short. This has never bothered me, though from time to time my hobbit-like stature makes for some giggles among friends. Like yesterday. Chris took me to a concert at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Before getting dinner I needed to hit the ATM, and for some reason they built the machine at a level that required me to stand on my tip-toes just to make the transaction. Chris was nice enough to take this pic. The concert was great, but I have no idea how to classify the music. Maybe that's why I liked it. The first set with Danny Barnes was a bluegrass/jazz/folk/rockish thing? Really I have no idea, but Danny is brilliant. I have never seen anything like it. His lyrics are humorous and sad at the same time. The second set with Bill Frisell, Danny Barnes, Jenny Scheinman, and Greg Leisz was more - man, I don't know. Experimental? It was a jazz/rock/country - progressive kind of thing. Again, brilliant and complicated and fun. At least to me.

Liking all kinds of music - thanks in part to Chris who has showed me the beauty and complexity in some country, americana and bluegrass - this concert was a treat.