Covenant and Kingdom

Christ Of The CovenantsThe "fundamentalist" may conceive of the significance of Christianty more narrowly in terms of the salvation of the "soul." Too often he may fail to consider adequetly the effect of redemption on the total life-style of man in the context of an all-embracive covenant. That view results frequently in a by-passing of the responsibility of redeemed man to carry forward the implications of his salvation into the world of economics, politics, business, and culture. The total life-involvement of the covenant relationship provides the framework for considering the connection between the "great commission" and the "cultural mandate." Entrance into God's kingdom requires repentance and faith, which requires the preaching of the gospel. This "gospel," however, must not be conceived of in the narrowest possible terms. It is the gospel of the "kingdom." It involves discipling men to Jesus Christ. Integral to that discipling process is the awakening of an awareness of the obligations of man to the totality of God's creation. Redeemed man, remade in God's image, must fulfill - even surpass - the role originally determined for the first man. In such a manner, the mandate to preach the Gospel and the mandate to form a culture glorifying to God merge with one another. O. Palmer Robertson, The Christ of the Covenants. pp. 82, 83

Robertson's words come out of his chapter on The Covenant of Creation [Works]. Great words, but the application and how-to will have to wait for a later post.