68 Hail Marys?!

As I was doing some research today I came across absolution-online.com, a virtual confessional that allows sinning Catholics to confess and receive penance/absolution online without the hassle of venturing out to church (I understand this is not anything a serious Catholic would use). Though I am no Catholic, I was intrigued and attempted to recall all of my sinful deeds and thoughts since Sunday and entered the data. I know there was more forgotten than remembered, but still I was just curious. So, what was the damage? I was told to recite 68 Hail Marys, 11 Our Fathers and fast for 6 days.

To be honest, I thought my own sin would require much more penance. But the week is only half over. Maybe if I waited a whole week…

Funny thing is, it actually reminded me of the need to call to mind my sins, confess them to God and leave them in the dust. One of Jim Elliff's pamphlets has proved a helpful tool for me from time to time since 1992. Check out 5 Resolves for Personal Revival.