Vintage Theology

If you would like to get you hands on a good selection of "experimental theology," check out the Free Grace Broadcaster from Mount Zion Bible Church. This is a quarterly publication you can get for free if the money is a problem. The Fall edition on "Hypocrisy" came in the mail Saturday. Each issue includes sermons, portions of treatises or books from the Reformers, the Puritans, and those who stand in that line of theology. This is always good material, very theological, deeply devotional, with explanatory footnotes to help those who are new to some of these authors. The current issue includes selections from Andrew Bromhall, Thomas Brooks, David Clarkson, Thomas Boston, Jonathan Edwards, and Charles Spurgeon.

To keep you inexpensively connected to vintage theology, this is one of the best options. For more information you can try their website (though it was not working today), or request a copy of the Broadcaster via email at chapel[at]