Easy Does It

After dinner last night I went outside with my son and daughter to hang out for a while. On the front porch was a package, and I could not figure out what it was. I like guessing, and I'm usually pretty good at it, but I had no idea until I opened it up. About 9 months ago I bought a DVD which came with an sweepstakes entry card. If you enter and win, you at least get to pick one of HBO's DVD sets for free. I sent it off and forgot about it. 6 months later I received a letter in the mail, explaining that I won, and could choose my prize from an enclosed list of DVD titles. It looked suspiciously plain. After determining this was not a joke from Steve McCoy I chose my favorite mini-series, and my favorite war "movie" of all time, Band of Brothers. It arrived today in the mail (3 months later).

If you have not seen this mini-series you should run out to Blockbuster, or arrange your Netflix queue, tonight. It follows Easy Company of the US Army Airbourne Paratroopers from bootcamp through their battles in WWII. It is an amazing story about brotherhood, sacrifice, fear, becoming... you know, I wont write a review here. At least not now. It's worth a viewing - or two. I watched it through twice before through rentals. I'll go through it again beginning this week.