Love and Grace

"Perfection is the aim of this life, but it is the reward of another life. We should endeavor after perfection in grace, but we shall not attain it till grace is perfected in glory."Christopher Love

This morning I read a sermon by Christopher Love, a 17th century, Puritan pastor whose words on grace have been very encouraging today. These sermons, now gathered into book form, teach on the experience of grace in the life of a Christian. What makes a strong Christian? Can a Christian experience a strong measure of grace and intense temptations? Can strong grace exist along side strong sin? How and why does this happen? Why can someone have grace from God and yet not find comfort from it? Like all good preaching this is more than the conveyance of information. It is the application of truth explained, and an appeal to abound in grace (most American preaching needs to improve in this, even/esp. among the Reformed).

Christopher Love was arrested, charged and tried for treason. He was convicted of conspiring against Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell by plotting the restoration of the monarchy. Cromwell was making an example of the pastor, though many believe the charges were themselves illegal. Love was beheaded on August 22, 1651. He was my age the day he was murdered.

His sermons are devotional, encouraging, directive, and draw our thoughts to Christ. I have been reading Grace: The Truth, Growth and Different Degrees. Get this little book.

If you don't want to spend any money, you can find information and some of Love's work online at A Puritan's Mind.