The Gutter

The Gutter: Where Life is Meant to be LivedI am finally reading The Gutter by Craig Gross, and so far the book is great. Gross wants to encourage the church to get in "the gutter" to do the work Christ sent us to do, in the way he did it himself (Jn. 20:21). He says, "The gutter is the place I am least likely or inclined to go because it is a place where people are not like me; they are not Christians." His first attempt at ministry in the gutter revealed that "people, problems and pain were presently abundant; and was an unlikely place for the common church to look for potential new members."

Everyone knows the gutter is where perverts and prostitutes live. It's filled with murderers and theives, pornographers and pedophiles. But an accurate description of the gutter doesn't end there, because the gutter is a place we've all been, where we all lived before we took Jesus seriously. ...[The Gutter] is the great equalizer. Why? because we are people who have all experienced problems and pain only a gutter can produce. To go to the gutter is to be changed by the gutter. Those who are most opposed to the gutter are the ones who have been there the least. pp. 7, 8

Anyone else read this yet? I have picked it up because of something God has been laying on my heart for the last year. I'll explain more in the near future.