More from the Gutter

The Gutter: Where Life is Meant to be Lived I am really liking Gross' book, The Gutter. It's funny, challenging and hits the issue in a unique way. An issue often overlooked or ignored by churches in suburbia. Part of the problem is that we interpret "gutter" to be the inner-city, or the meth-labs in rural counties. Most probably do not think of the gutter when they see neatly manicured lawns, or a law office. But Gross points out,

A gutter to me may not be a gutter to you, but the bottom line is that we are all exposed to the gutters of life. A high-rise building full of corporate greed can be a gutter. It isn't just a poor man's venue; it isn't reserved for whores and pimps. The gutter is simply the place where disobedience comes to a dead end. (pg. 61)

And concerning our approach to the gutter, Gross emphasizes following Jesus' example.

When someone is willing to take the risk and love the unloved and unwanted - despite the assumptions and opinions of those around them - that's the love of Christ, plain and simple. It's the love we are supposed to show. (pg. 64)

I'll give you my take on the whole book next week, and what I believe God wants me to do in response.