C.S.A. The Movie

I recently came across a trailer for an interesting “faux documentary.” The film is called The Confederate States of America and takes a peek at what America might look like if slavery remained legal. With a tagline like, "What if the South had won?" the movie might not be entirely fair. The Civil War was about more than slavery, and had the South won, some argue slavery would still have been eventually eliminated. Nevertheless I will be checking this out as soon as I can. Why? Because it’s too easy to romanticize our history, and gloss over our national sins. It seems like slavery was long ago, in another era, another culture, it seems almost like another world. But it wasn’t that long ago, and it wasn't far away. Our culture is still feeling the effects of it all. Do you remember that it was just in 1965 when African Americans were finally able to vote without resistance. Do you know that laws prohibiting interracial marriage were common in the US into the 1960’s? But get this; Alabama was the last state in the US to repeal its law prohibiting interracial marriage… in November of 2000. Even then, 40% voted against lifting the ban.

Yeah, I’ll watch the film with some friends. Maybe you should as well. Check out the trailer and site. Click through the fake front page where slaves are being sold via a service like eBay to get to the main site. Be warned, the site is appropriately offensive.