Perfect Book Boxes

If you have a library you know what it's like to search for the right sized boxes when moving. Not just any box will do. If you don't have the right height and depth you're in trouble, but too big and you wear yourself out carrying them. When Jen and I moved to the parsonage of the church I pastored while in Seminary I used liquor boxes. Yep, those small, sturdy boxes booze is delievered to the liquor store in. There's nothing like watching the pastor move in next door apparently carting in dozes of boxes of "beverage alcohol." Those boxes are good, but they frequently don't have their tops. Egg boxes are free, but too big if you fill them. When we left Louisville to come back up north to plant Grace a friend at UPS gave us all the packing boxes we could use for free. Very nice. This move we were blessed with hundreds of boxes from one of our elders who works for Waste Management. After moving my library several times, I believe he has found the perfect book boxes: ketchup boxes. Yeah, these boxes are the perfect height and depth and not too big. I wound up using just over 50 of 'em for my library. Not too bad.

The move went very well, and we are hoping to have this place feel like home in the next two weeks. Thanks for your prayers.