For The Record 2.0

This is the follow-up to my first For the Record and is an attempt to state a few things that are true of me. I am:

orthodox evangelical reformed baptist

These titles capture the basic theological framework I work through and express much of the content of my faith.

I am still learning.

I am wrong. Somewhere in the midst of all my theology and practice there is error. I have to admit this because I believe in the continual indwelling of sin and the constant need for reformation.

I believe in truth, and must believe in it because Jesus Himself is Absolute Truth. I believe God calls us to make it/him known to both the unknowing world and the over-knowing church.

I believe following Jesus will usually alienate a person from both the Deomcratic and Republican conventions.

I believe churches of 600 are way too big.

I have a lot of opinions about things that are not biblically determined.

I have chosen to be a cultural architect rather than a culture warrior.

I try to vote, buy, live and work redemptively in my community, and though I fail God keeps it on my mind.

I avoid using any Lifeway materials or programs at our church, because at the moment the better stuff is found outside of our convention.

I hope and pray for another Great Awakening, a more missional and confessional Convention, and for a quick return of our Lord.