Debating Calvinism

Llllllet's get ready to ruuumbllllle! Tom Ascol dropped word that during the Pastor's Conference of the next Southern Baptist Convention Drs. Al Mohler and Paige Patterson will debate Calvinism. This is surprising, exciting, and is the first thing to lure me to the pre-show ...ever. I think this is a step in the right direction for us as a cooperating body. Let's debate/discuss theology, while remaining willing to work together. This pushes the important issues that matter (though sometimes only voiced by a few) to the front and allows for fair representation of the ideas, instead of the straw men that are usually burned by opponents.

Perhaps this debate can be the beginning of theological discussion beyond "inerrancy." How about Chris Seay and Mohler debating the "emerging church?" What other conversations/debates would you like to see? Is anyone going to the Pastor's Conference?