For the Weekend

1. Make a Quill. This could be a very cool thing to do with the family as a weekend activity (I'm not calling it a craft). Let me know if you do it. I want to try it later this year.

2. Read Spurgeon's sermon, A View of God's Glory. Is your pastor a terrible preacher? Ok, don't answer that - especially if you go to my church. This weekend, whatever the preaching is like at your church, check out Spurgeon's sermon, A View of God's Glory. I read this last year and was truly blessed by it.

3. Watch Millions. Millions is a great British film directed by Danny Boyle - the man who directed the horror flick 28 Days Later. Millions is about two brothers who find 265,000 British Pounds. The younger brother, Damien, believes it to be a gift from God meant to be given to the poor. The older brother is more discerning concerning the money's origin and believes it best to spend or invest the cash. Whatever they do, it has to be done quickly before their nation transitions to the Euro, or before someone comes looking for all that money.

The movie is billed as a "family film," but it is not completely conventional. It deals very directly with issues of faith and virtue, but Damien's exhaustive knowledge of the Saints doesn't merely come from books, but from his dialogue with them via visions. The tense criminal element and the recent death of the boys' mother makes this Christmas-time movie something wholly unlike the traditional, holiday fare. Millions is beautifully shot, directed and acted, and it is very different. I loved it.