Jesus Is Not Safe

Dave and AmyDave and Amy Rogers are missionaries with MAF to the the East Democratic Republic of Congo. Dave is not just some missionary, but a close friend from college who has come to worship with us from time to time. As missionaries Grace supports we were excited to have them come in and share their ministry with us, but I also wanted Dave to bring God's word to us - to share what God was teaching him. So this morning I sat down and listened. Preaching from 1 Peter 4 Dave explained that God is more interested in His glory than our safety, and that his glory often comes at the cost of suffering: from the experience of Jesus, to Jim Elliot and Nate Saint and crew, to the very things that we are going through in our own lives we find this principle at work. Good stuff. Made me think of the words concerning Aslan in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I can't get to the book to grab the quote (my son is in bed, but not asleep and the book is in his room). But the question is asked of Aslan, "Is he safe?" And I believe one of the beavers replied, "Of course he is not safe! But he is good." We give a chunk of our offerings at Grace to the Cooperative Program of the SBC, but also want to be joined to other evangelical ministries outside of our Convention. Working with the Rogers and MAF is one of those ways. Pray for Dave and Amy as they head off to the Congo.