A Good Resolution

Last year I posted a "resolution on gluttony" as a discussion starter. I have not planned on submitting that one myself, though I am considering putting something else together. Is anyone planning on submitting a resolution to the SBC this year? If so, it must be done 75 days prior to the meeting. Instead of rolling our eyes at resolutions that say little and merely push SBC programs, why not participate? How about a resolution concerning the crisis in Darfur? Certainly there is room for a resolution like that between the one ending our boycott of Disney and the one on reducing teen smoking. I think one of the reasons the reading of Resolutions can be like listening to Ferris Beuller's teacher is because they often say what we have said so many times before, or they are completely unnecessary. How about one concerning cooperation and diversity within the Convention, or redemptive cultural engagement, or a call to greater works of mercy by our local congregations? How about one calling us to repent of our sins as a Convention (we'd have to be specific here)?

Submitting a resolution can be a good, simple way to show that we care about the Convention, are making an effort to be involved, and can bring some important issues into the foreground for discussion. Look, if no one steps up, we might wind up being resolved to make 2006 another "Year of the Bible." God help us.