A Week of Repentance and Reconciliation

March 5th through 11th is our Week of Repentance and Reconciliation. This is a time preceding our communion service at Grace and is a call to examine ourselves, our lives and our relationships. After the service today a few people asked for additional thoughts on making the most of this week. My encouragement is to be in prayer throughout the week, in conversation about these thing with your friends, and to be responding to the things God brings to mind concerning your need for repentance and/or reconciliation. I believe the linked resources will be helpful to all interested. They are all very brief, except for the last link by Piper. Read and meditate on one at a time during each work day of the week. Prayer, by Jim Elliff Jim's helpful article on spending an extended time with God in prayer.

True and False Repentance, by John Calvin A short extract from his "Institutes'" reprinted in the Founders Journal.

The Unrepenting Repenter, by Jim Elliff More pastoral insights into repentance from Jim.

Confessing Sins and Injuries to Others, by Richard Baxter The "Reformed Pastor" gives practical advice concerning confessing our sins.

The Lord's Supper as Worship, by John Piper