Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man is a documentary about Timothy Treadwell, a self-appointed protector of Grizzly bears, who spent thirteen summers living among these giants in the Alaskan wilderness. Treadwell and his girlfriend were attacked and killed by a Grizzly in his thirteenth summer. Treadwell himself makes this documentary interesting. This isn't some academic studying bears. A former drunk and drug user, the Timothy says that these bears saved his life. Working to protect them gave him a sense of purpose. In his opinion it made him a better person. He says, "I had no life, and now I have a life."

The guy is often juvenile and crude, but at times he is endearing and funny. And despite his lack of education, the man connects with the animals in incredible ways. Some of these scenes are truly awesome. Timothy successfully commands aggressive bears to leave him alone when within arm's reach, he reaches out and touches other full grown bears on their noses, and even builds a relationship with a den of foxes that become his pets (Watching him chase and curse a fox who playfully steals his hat is hilarious).

He is very aware of the danger, and talked a lot about it. He warns others that they would be ripped apart if they attempted to do what he does. He is also aware of his own vulnerability. At one point he is almost praying, talking to himself saying, "Lord I do not want to be hurt by a bear. I do not."

Though Treadwell believed he was saving the Grizzlies, the argument is made in the documentary that his actions may have harmed the bears by making them more comfortable with humans than they should be. Not everyone is bear-luvin' Timothy.

His disdain for the human world is made very clear, and the guy truly longs for something simpler and more pure that the fallen world of man offers. What he thinks he sees in the wilderness, is an excellent discussion to have with other viewers. Treadwell wants to be a bear, to escape his own fallen humanity.

In the end Treadwell's death is not as simple as some would believe. "What do you expect? He lived with bears, he was attacked." The facts surrounding his death may indicate that had he continued with his thirteen year M.O. he would have avoided death. But he changed things up a bit in the end. Watch the film to see what I mean.

The soundtrack is beautiful. Check out the special features to find out more about it. Very good stuff.

The death of Timothy and his girlfriend was not filmed, though the camera was on. The recorded audio is not played for the viewer, but it is described in graphic detail. The documentary contains profanity making is suitable only for adults.