The Minds of our Youth

Andrew Jones has a very interesting response to Chuck Colson's "Soothing Ourselves to Death." Stemming from that article most people on the web are debating a song that we should, or should not, sing; whether hymns are better than more current song structures etc. I was tempted to wade into those waters, but found the whole discussion a bit frustrating and narrow. Jones is not getting into the music issue, nor is he debating the emerging church criticism in Colson's article. Instead, he picks up on the idea that, as Neil Postman wrote 20 years ago, we have been Amusing Ourselves to Death via the television. While Postman argued, rightly, that a culture of television was destroying a culture of literacy, Jones argues that 20 years later things are changing via developments in culture and communication.

Kids are smarter today. IQ rates have increased and multi-tasking abilities, pattern recognition, synoptic thinking and other POSITIVE traits have appeared. Communication is far more demanding and learning processes are more complex.

He has a lot to say, and it is certainly worth consideration and discussion. Check out Andrew Jones' post here.