peerflixIf you enjoy movies, Peerflix might be something to play with. Peerflix is a person to person DVD trading service. Users submit the DVD titles they are willing to trade for the ones they want. You enter the titles by punching in the UPC code. Once you have some of your DVDs listed to trade, and have selected DVDs you want to receive Peerflix takes over.

My first trade worked like this. I received an email asking if I was ready to trade my copy of Die Hard. I clicked "Yes," and printed out the mailing info which can be folded into a shipping envelope with pre-printed sender and recipient addresses. I slaped a stamp on it and sent it off. The next day I received another email telling me that Collateral was on its way to my house. It arrived on Friday and came with the special features disc too. Very cool.

Peerflix does cost money, but not much. Each trade you receive costs .99 cents, but each trade you send only costs the postage (one stamp for one disc, a little more for two discs, check the pic). So my Collateral discs would have cost me .99 cents, but the first trade is free.

Yeah, you only get the DVDs, not boxes. But this is really a service for movie watchers/film buffs, not DVD collectors. If you have some DVDs you are ready to share, sign up and try Peerflix. So far, I dig it. You can also check out the Peerflix blog. The most recent post explains that if the DVD you receive is damaged, Peerflix takes care of you.