DeVine Illumination

Mark DeVine, associate professor of Christian Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently paid WoG a gracious visit, and because of that I was introduced to his new book, "Bonhoeffer Speaks Today: Following Jesus at All Costs." I received a copy of Ed Stetzer's new book this week, so my attention is there at the moment, but Mark's book is on my must read list. To whet your appetite, check out his recent BP article, Bonhoeffer Still Speaking. Here are two quotes from the article.

In a culture increasingly hospitable to isolation and anonymity, Bonhoeffer reminds us that God’s purposes center not on the Christian alone but on the Christian within the church, the body of Christ. Whereas churches compete in a Christian-consumer, winner-take-all landscape that affirms and rewards the spiritual shopper for spiritual products, promising to make him holy, Bonhoeffer proclaims an intrinsically relational discipleship where mutual interdependency between covenant-bound brothers and sisters defines the path to holiness and indeed to Jesus Himself.


Bonhoeffer insists that the issue is not how to make the Gospel relevant to the world but rather to expose how irrelevant we have all become in our rebellion against the living God.

Great stuff. Check out the article, visit his website, and pick up his book.