Grace Notes

A girl at our worship gathering yesterday said I looked like an "indie rocker." She's 16, and into the independent stuff, so she would know. I believe she meant it as a compliment. I guess a clean shaved head, 3 days growth on the face, a brown sport coat, white button up, jeans, brown leather shoes might be something an indie rocker would wear. The fact that I don't know that must mean something... bad. Also, yesterday after the worship we shared a meal together - Italian Beef like only Chicagoland can produce - and played softball out on the diamond. Kids, adults, everyone played together. It was a blast, and something I hope we do much more of as a family (and you thought we were strict sabbatarians). Anyone up for ultimate frisbee?

The elders are now meeting every other week for discipleship, accountability, prayer and mutual encouragement. We are working through The Deliberate Church, and very excited about the extra time together.

We are having a men's retreat this coming weekend (bring your pipes if you got 'em) - camping outdoors, and a women's retreat the next weekend not camping outdoors. Both should be excellent.

The most recent Fuel Magazine is out, and I hope to have the PDF available sometime tonight. You can download the PDF here.