Pick Out Two

During the last U.S. presidential election someone was asked who they were going to vote for. He said, "It's like Moe asking you to pick out two fingers. It doesn't matter which two you pick, you're still going to get poked in the eyes." I am afraid that this is how I may wind up feeling at the SBC this year. Let me say that I like the idea of having a couple guys nominated. Choice is a good thing. It promotes discussion of the issues that matter (ideally). My concern is that some who are hopeful for change in the Convention (as I am) will nominate the wrong guy as an alternate candidate.

I am not looking for a Reformed Prez (though I think that would be great), I am not looking for some young guy, I am definitely not looking for a megachurch pastor - but that certainly doesn't make someone a bad choice either. I wont vote for someone who is hostile to our Reformed churches. I would love to see someone elected who understands the real problems within our Convention, can effectively work with the variety of churches within the convention while promoting a missional mindset for the Convention as a whole.

There are a number of people who can serve us well, and a few that might make the election about something other than the point. The wrong nominee can distract our attention from what matters. "God, give us wisdom." I am praying for what will happen in Greensboro. I am praying for good thing to happen. And I am praying that I don't get poked in the eye.