Thorn MD

St. Stanislof Church Some of us left PA and went down to Baltimore, MD. Manuel, Andrew and I took a boat from Inner Harbor, Balitmore to Fells Point (Steve, you would love this place). You can check out pics from the trip at my Flickr. The pic to the left is of the church doors at St. Stanislov Church. Someone had taped flowers to the door. Very striking. It felt sad. While walking through Fells Point we worked our way through a poor community where a ministry was feeding the hungry through a bus. Men were lined up to get food, and as they stood in line or ate they had to listen to some guy yelling at them about Jesus. Yelling. I don't even mean like Tony Evans yelling-preaching. This was just yelling. It wasn't that I heard him say anything heretical, but I was bothered. It was painful to stand among these hungry men, and sense that while the food may be good, Jesus was apparently loud and annoying. At least his messenger was. Why not just feed these men, sit down on the sidewalk with them and talk with them of Christ and his Kingdom?