Bombastic Blogging

Here's a piece of advice for Christian bloggers. Please stop trying to be the theological version of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, et al. Regardless of the merits of their arguments, the attitude of such political pundits kills any real ability to communicate with people who may think differently. Persuasion generally does not result. I understand it in the political world. It's the world for crying out loud. Pride and arrogance are values. But in the church, I find the approach nauseating, and all together unlike our Savior. It is not limited to one theological persuasion either. Calvinists, Arminians and people in-between often like the approach. And please stop using "zeal," "passion" and "love for truth" as excuses to be careless with words. Show some charity. Disagree, point out error, and make sound, reasonable, biblical arguments. Yes, there is even a time for strong words. But we could all do without the arrogance and vitriol.

Look, I have no problem reading people I disagree with. I read everyone from Adam Cleavland to Challies, and with that kind of breadth I wind up reading people who I think are completely wrong in areas. Most of those guys do not display the attitude I am describing here. But there are some who seem to delight in bombastic blogging.

At this point I usually avoid such places, because it only elicits in me a similar attitude. It is a better practice for me, and I believe everyone, to read those who write with both truth and grace. For my part, I am working at watching my words carefully, and tonight I am deleting the unnecessary drama from my Bloglines.