Why I Came

Why leave my family and friends (church) to drive almost 1000 miles and attend what is essentially a business meeting? Well, I did not come to hear famous preachers (though I am listening). I did not come to affect political change (though I am voting and hoping for change in the SBC). I came to encourage missional thought and practice and receive encouragement and direction from like-minded brothers and sisters. In other words, I came for the fellowship. This means I spend less time in "the meeting," and more time meeting and discussing. Don't get me wrong. I am there, I vote, and this year I will be in the meeting more often than last year, but I primarily come to see people. The last few years Steve and I have been able to come to this annual event together and the most beneficial part really is talking with students, pastors and others who are seeking how to best know Christ and make him known in our increasingly postmodern context.

Today we spent time with some friends from Lifeway discussing Reformed theology over good pasta. Hearing how these men are striving to know God, allowing the Bible to form their thoughts, and are glimpsing the glory of God through a better, more experiential, knowledge of Him in his sovereignty and holiness is something that blesses me. I love to be around seekers and learners because I consider myself one as well.

Tomorrow evening Steve and I are planning on hanging out in the exhibit area of the Coliseum between 7 and 10pm before the Younger Leaders Summit to meet and talk with friends. If you want to stop by and chat we will be at the round tables.

Notable stuff today: Johnny Hunt yelled preached a message from Acts 17. It was fiery Johnny Hunt stuff. I appreciated his point concerning moral integrity in ministry, but please check out Steve's thoughts on the message. I share his perspective (except about the tan). We were interested in hearing what Rick Warren would say, but he was unable to preach as scheduled... so they played a video of the man preaching. I'll only say that at a conference for pastors, I would have preferred a real, live preacher to stand up and preach the Scripture to us in person. Call me old-fashioned. We are really looking forward to tomorrow's sessions at the Pastor's Conference.

For fun you can track my photography while here at my Fickr. The specific folder is here.