Pastor's Conference

I slept well last nite, knowing I beat Steve in a standing duel with our Burger King - Kid's Meal - GI Joe - Projectile Toys. The first to hit the other guy in the face won. I guess you had to be there. Anyway, I have a history of avoiding pastors' conferences. Generally I choose theology conferences (PCRT, Founders, etc.) where the emphasis is less on how to grow a big church, and more on what God wants the church to be. That is a bit simplistic, but the point is an emphasis on truth experienced over programs implemented. I know - not all pastors' conferences are bad, and I have been particularly encouraged by the newer conferences like TFTG and Reform and Resurge where they pull off pastors' conferences that are more about the Gospel, good theology and practice than what I have experienced in the past. Beautiful! Places I feel at home.

To be honest the SBC Pastors' Conference is the kind of thing I usually avoid, but the guys have obviously worked hard to pull something together that seems to be quite different than what they've done in years past. Last night was typical, but today may prove to be something really good. Forgiving the attempt to unify all the sessions with "Reaching the World Through..." some of these sessions might be great. Of course there is the discussion of the doctrine of election between Drs. Mohler and Patterson should be fun. Other break-out sessions on men's ministries, apologetics, and even church discipline can prove very helpful to pastors. I'll let you know what I think later tonight.