Busy without Blogging

God does not want me blogging much this year at the SBC, and I am okay with that. He's placed me in a hotel that charges for DSL in the room I share with Steve. No Wi-Fi, just a cord. And we are too busy hanging out with friends, meeting new people, attending the conference (yesterday) and the meetings (today) to spend much time online anyway. I am sure I will be able to share my thoughts about the Pastor's Conference later today/tonight. I will simply say that on a personal level coming to the Pastors' Conference has been a great encouragement to me. More later. We'll be in and out of the meetings today. When not sitting inside listening and voting we'll be hanging out in the hall or exhibit area. When I went to bed last night between midnight and 1am there was something stuck in my eye (beside the plank). I couldn't get it out. It's still there. So I'm the short, bald guy in a blut t-shirt who is apparantly crying.