Side of Catch Up

Ok, Steve and I have some time to relax this evening and blog a bit. Our pizza has just arrived, so we need to take it upstairs to eat. Here are some of my thoughts about the SBC so far. Meeting People I mentioned that the best part of coming to the SBC is meeting and dialoguing with others. I simply cannot mention everyone we spent time with - too many good people and conversing with others. I'll only mention a few.

Steve and I were able to connect with Tom Ascol and Tom Nettles (and their wives). I have known, and sat under the teaching of, Dr. Nettles for years, but this was my first time meeting Tom Ascol in person. For those who think the Founders guys are a bunch of angry theologians you should spend some time getting to know these men. They are thoughtful, gracious and fun. True, some Calvinists need to take their cue from guys like this, and not guys like... well - you get the idea.

We were able to chat with others profs like Drs. Ray Van Neste and Greg Thornberry (Union), and Dr. Mark DeVine (Midwestern). Having interacted with Ray and Mark on the blog, I was not surprised to find them both exciting to talk to. They are scholars with humble attitudes and I was so blessed to speak with them. Greg Thornberry is not only the dean of the School of Christian Studies at Union University, he is also the nicest guy I spoke with at the SBC. Steve expressed it this way, "I wish Greg and Kimberly [Greg's wife and Dean of Students at Union] could adopt me and be my house parents or something. They're that nice."

We had the chance to connect briefly with Dr. Greg Wills and a few others from Southern as well as Mark Dever.

I am telling you about these guys because they are all approachable, real people. These are some of the men that make me excited about what we're doing here.

We were able to grab lunch with friends: yesterday with Eddie and Kelley Coakley and today with Todd and Paul Littleton - whose wives are cooler than they are. Great people I wish I could hang out with regularly.

There are many others who have encouraged me, but you get the point; Lots of meeting going on outside of the meeting.

The Pastors' Conference The Pastors' Conference was better than I expected. Whoever pulled it off is to be congratulated, and I hope we continue to improve. What was good? Mixing it up in terms of style was nice, but what I really appreciated was 1) the break out sessions and 2) that they brought in guys who emphasized preaching the Gospel in the language of the people to whom you are sent. I wont bother to tell you what I didn’t like. Others are covering that.

I have so much to say, but it will have to wait. Great, now my pizza is cold. No time for spell checks (sory jeff).