St. Anne's Pub: Controversy

St. Anne's PubSt. Anne's Pub has put put another great audio journal this quarter, Controversy. Guess what, schism isn't just a Baptist phenomenon. Our Presbyterian brothers know it all too well. This journal is typical SAP stuff: Interesting and insightful commentary, great interviews, excellent music and some very good questions to ponder. I appreciate that St. Anne's seems to bring things to our attention, give us food for thought, but does not try to answer all the questions for us along the way. This is a very good edition especially in light of the tendency toward ecclesiastical combat found in some of our SBC tribes (fundie and reformed). DL the whole thing, or if you are short on time at least check out tracks 1 (Editorial), 4 (Nicias - wait till the end, it's worth it), 7 (Interview with Dr. Vern Poythress), and 9 (Interview with Dr. Chad VanDixhoorn). Yeah baby, good stuff. That's all I'll say.