Founders Conference: D1

The first day of the Founder's Conference was great. I preached Psalm 51 (Repentance: A Beginning) in the afternoon, and in the evening Dr. Sam Waldron preached Revelation 5 (Christ the Only Mediator). It was an excellent treatment of the text and a fantastic way to show the exalted character of Christ as mediator. I have met some great people, bought some books (got an extra give-away for Steve), have been encouraged and most importantly I am hopeful for what God can accomplish here.

I know that Founders Ministries has received a bad rap from some. They've been accused of being anti-evangelistic, pugnacious and narrow. But this has never been my experience. There is always some guy in every group who needs to staple his mouth shut, or delete his blog. You see this in both the Arminian camp as well as Reformed. The men I know running Founders, and attending the conferences, are spiritual, charitable, cooperative guys who love God and value theology. Even tonight I met guys who are working hard at sharing the Gospel, teaching evangelism, and attempting to engage their community redemptively. Bill Ascol reminded us tonight of the concerns of Founders Ministries, "We desire to be orthodox without being obnoxious. We want to be confessional, yet contemporary. We are Southern Baptist, though not sectarian. Our goal is to be doctrinally and devotionally balanced." I am looking forward to tomorrow.