Founders Con: D2

A day late. Yesterday Fred Malone stood in for Tom Ascol and handled the question, "Is the Gospel Lost?" The answer was both, "yes" and "no." Of course in one sense the Gospel can never be totally lost. Christ will build his church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. But in another sense the Gospel is lost "in cetrain times and certain places" whenever it is added to, or when something is taken from it. He pointed out the Gospel was lost to many in Galatia because of one word/issue: circumcision. He brought our attention back to the Gospel itself, explaining the Gospel primarily in terms of a historical reality; the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on behalf of sinful men (1 Cor. 15). It was a sober, solid sermon. He concluded by stating the Gospel is lost (in certain places) here in America and pointed to three ways the Gospel has happened. 1) The doctrine of the "carnal Christian" which presents a "Gospel without submission," and has led to a widespread belief in "decisional regeneration." 2) The prosperity and "seeker" Gospel which often leaves out the hard words, pushing the benefits without the cost of the Gospel. 3) Conservative, bible-believing preachers. Yep, he said it. He said well-intentioned men who may even believe the Gospel often rob men of the Gospel when they preach the Scripture without preaching it Christocentrically.

Good, provocative stuff. After this I decided to take spend the day with the wife and kids. We had lunch, and spent the afternoon at something called The Celebration Station - like Chucky Cheese on steroids. Bumper boats, go-carts, and a ton of games inside. The kids had a blast and it was good to spend the time together. Today I will be at the meetings all day and will give a recap when I get back tonight.