Founders Conference Audio

I ran out of time while in OK so I never finished blogging the Founders Conference (what I affectionately call the F-Con, though I doubt that will ever catch on). I at least wanted to let everyone know the audio from the conference is now available at It is not free, but you can get the sermons as CD, tape or MP3, together or individually. At the conference we were told that Sound Word would make everything available on a flash drive for those interested. Sounds like a great idea to me. All of the sermons were very good, but I would recommend you check out Tom Nettles' sermon on the Nature of Saving Faith/Grace. It is a good example of a sober, doctrinal sermon, and would be very helpful for those who are attempting to counsel people who are seeking Christ. This is really one of the great benefits of doctrinal preaching and conferences; precision in theology, where Scripture allows it, is a great aid in worship, evangelism, counsel, etc. I will be downloading Dr. Sills' sermon on Gospel Preaching to the Nations. We had to leave early on the last day, so I missed one that I was really looking forward to.

Next year's conference looks like it will focus on the church in the postmodern context, with David Wells' as the main speaker. Should be excellent.