Top Ten Tuesday

"Ask any dope rat where their junk sprang they'll say they scraped it from that who scored it from this who bought it off so, and after four or five connections the list'll always end with the Pin. But I'll becha you got every rat in town together and said 'show your hands' if any of them've actually seen the Pin, you'd get a crowd of full pockets." -The Brain, Brick

Brick, written and directed by Rian Johnson, is postmodern film noir showcasing the brooding detective, mysterious murder, highly stylized language, and interesting characters you would expect, but it all takes place today in the lives of high school students - and it really works. Brick is a fresh take on a classic genre and for me it did not disappoint. For most (certainly for me) it will take a second or third viewing to appreciate all that is going on in the film, but for those who are willing to pay attention it is still very satisfying the first time through.

The last top ten list was pretty serious, so I am changing it up this week with the Top Ten Reasons to Watch Brick:

10. Film Noir is a great genre that deserves a look if you are new to it.

09. Who doesn't like a film that can be, and should be, watched more than once?

08. Films that make you think are better for the soul and they burn more calories than watching something like American Idol.

07. The plot is not altogether unique, but the execution and perspective is brilliant.

06. The characters are fantastic, without being gross caricatures.

05. This low budget film, edited on a Mac in Johnson's bedroom, is much more intersting looking than most of the multi-million dollar flicks that filled theaters this summer.

04. The dialogue and language is so interesting and fun it alone is worth the rental price.

03. The movie creates a surreal atmosphere that never feels forced or cheesy.

02. It showcases the talents of a young writer/director and young actors all of which do a fantastic job.

01. I am with others in saying it is the best film to have been released so far in 2006.

Has anyone else seen it and have any thoughts?

Brick Movie Website / Watch the trailer