Relevant Magazine

Relevant Magazine: God, Life, Progressive Culture. Relevant is an interesting magazine. For me, it's a bit like Christianity Today in that it has some stuff in it I like, and some stuff I don't, but that is what makes it an interesting read. The idea of writing off a magazine because it doesn't reflect all of one's theology is a popular move, but I don't get it. For example in CT and Relevant we find what is happening in our churches (good and bad in my opinion), and I am always interested in what's happening in our churches. Relevant also dives right into current cultural trends, music, movies and more and I have found this helpful. Poke around their website to get a feel for what they are all about. Anyway, in issue 22, Sept-Oct 2006, Grace Baptist shows up on page 65 concerning our Theology Pub. It's an article on "glorifying God both corporately and privately outside of the usual avenues." I was asked a few questions - check 'em out. Paper only. You can't find it in the online version.