I have not had as much time to blog lately, but have some things on my mind that should be making their way here soon. I at least wanted to let you know about my coaching situation. I pastor a small church in a small town. 60 people in a town of 3000. This town is currently a bedroom community that is experiencing quick growth. The metra rail, which bring commuters to and from Chicago, was just extended to this town. New stores are being built, a lot of new neighborhoods are popping up, and in time more "third places" will be built. This community is connected to a number of others much like it and is about 10/15 minutes away from a booming population segment in the far west suburbs of Chicago. At Grace we know what we want to be, and how we want to live. We know what we believe and God has been moving us to live missionally. The people at Grace are fantastic. As a pastor, I can preach and teach. The areas of theology and piety have been where my strengths lie. But when it comes to creating a clear plan for the church to follow making the greatest impact in our community - I need help. I can see what we should become, but cannot always see how we will get there. I am a pastor, but not the mighty visionary, and I am okay with that. What this means though is that I would greatly benefit from meeting with someone who can help me, coach me, in these areas.

Recently Steve McCoy and I began meeting with a "coach" who is helping us to see weak areas in our churches and ministries, give us some guidance, and call us to specific action that can increase our effectiveness. Of course I say all of this knowing that God alone gives the increase, and has laid out in his word what he requires of us. This is simply a form of discipleship with a pastor who can mentor and model for us, focusing on specific areas of ministry in our unique contexts. If you pray for Grace, please pray for our work, effectiveness, and for this new coaching relationship.