How's Your Spiritual Life?

Recently our local association had a leadership conference. Steve and I were able to get Darrin Patirck and Daniel Montgomery to come. I was able to hang out with the guys and was really blessed through their words. Daniel said something that I wanted to pass on because it speaks to where most Christians live. Daniel explained that he sits down with people who want to become "partners" (members) at Sojourn after they have gone through the church's Gospel classes. One of the things he asks them is, "Tell me about you and Jesus. Tell me about your spiritual life." He said some talk about their "quiet times." How they are, or are not, reading their Bibles. They'll talk about themselves a lot, but never get to Jesus - never get to the Gospel. If someone were to ask you (and I hope they do) how you are doing spiritually, what would you say? How would you respond? Is the Gospel itself front and center in your life, is Christ what gives light and life to everything for you? Or does performance hold more joy for you?