ESV Reverse Interlinear

I just got a copy of the new ESV Reverse Interlinear New Testament from Crossway. An traditional interlinear New Testament is essentially the Greek text with corresponding English words below. The reverse interlinear,

displays an English translation as theprimary text and then weaves the correspondng Greek words between the English lines. So the word order of the English translation is untouched, but the Greek words are rearranged to correspond with the English. This means that the English lines are readable and the text can be used as a working everyday Engish New testament. - from the Preface

For those who have never learned Greek this can be a way to begin to familiarize yourself with the original language, but I would strongly encourage one to get Greek Tutor, or take a class at a local seminary to get a healthy grasp on the basics. This Reverse Interlinear would also be helpful for those currently learning Greek, or who want to brush up on fading skills. As words are parsed/declined I can see how this tool could be an aid to those trying to ease back into it without jumping right into a Greek NT, or traditional interlinear. I am looking to using this and encourage you to check it out.