Mustaches for Kids

This past year one of our Elders, Rob, grew his hair out for Locks of Love. I personally enjoyed having someone lead us in worship who could effectively head-bang, even if not while worshipping. When his hair reached over 12 inches in length he had it cut off and sent to Locks of Love where it was turned into a wig for a child suffering from long-term medical hair loss. Today in the Chicagoist I came across another charitable organization that requires fun hair-growth. Mustaches for Kids. Yep. You already want to join don't you! You might be able to since there are chapters all over the US.

This season the Chicago chapter participants (growers) gather on Clean Shaven Day to kick off event - all facial hair must be removed. Then,

during the four-week Growing Season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Growers sprout sweet, sweet Mustaches. Per Mustaches for Kids bylaws, they shave their faces, except for the Mustache, a minimum of one time per week and solicit donations from friends, family, co-workers, and people in the community. Kind of like getting pledges to run a marathon. Without the exertion, cramping, or dehydration. Call it a facial hair marathon.

At the end of the four weeks growers attend the 'Stache Bash 2006 where all mustaches will be judged, and a winner chosen. For the Chicago chapter 100% of the donations will go to the Off The Street Club.

This may not be as physically difficult as running a marathon, but it is certainly more socially uncomfortable. Wives and girlfriends will mostly disapprove, friends will mock, you know strangers will probably mock as well. But it's fun and it's for a good cause.

There are rules. Like, it must be a corner to corner 'stache. No Hitlers or Chaplins. You know, you should be aiming for a Magnum PI. And no growing a full beard only to shave down to a mustache on the final day. Read all the rules here.

How cool would it be to have all the men of your church sporting "sweet mustaches" for the good of children to whom you have been sent?